Museums and ecotourism

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Museums are categorized in various forms, museums of history and archeology, outdoor museums, anthropological museums, museums palaces, museums of science and natural history, regional museums, museums Moving (parks), park museums, weapons (military) museums, thinkers 'museums (artists' houses). Museum of History and Archeology: These museums have a historical vision and represent a series of historical periods and periods. Most of these artifacts are derived from archaeological excavations and represent the culture and civilization of the past and combine the science, art and knowledge of a nation or a nation. Such museums are also called mothers. The National Museum of Iran (Ancient Iran), the Versailles National Museum in France, and the Museum of History in Washington are of this type. Outdoor Museum: Creating these types of museums can help introduce important archaeological findings and data. When an archaeological excavation leads to desirable results and the discovery of valuable immovable artifacts and is not transferable to museums, they provide the desired location for public viewing by providing the necessary facilities and facilities. This is known as the Outdoor Museum. Among these museums can be mentioned Persepolis in Shiraz and Hegmataneh historical site in Hamedan. Museums are also common in other countries, such as China, Greece and some European countries. In Khorasan province, the Darges Bandangan Historic Site, which has many beautiful Sassanid era castles, as well as the Neyshabur Sheikh Historical Site can be a good place to do so. Anthropological museums: showcase the culture, customs, beliefs, clothing, and social traditions of the community. Tehran Anthropological Museum and Ganjali Khan Bath of Kerman are of this type. Museum Museums: They are monuments or monuments that have come to us from the past and reflect the status and lifestyle of its owners. There may be historical objects as well as artworks such as wall painting, plastering and more. Museums palaces usually exist in government centers. The purpose of these museums is to showcase historical monuments and teachings. The museums of Saadabad palaces complex in Tehran and Malekabad garden of Mashhad are of this type. Art museums: showcases all kinds of visual and decorative arts that are highly aesthetic and usually have a lot of visitors. The Museum of Fine Arts in Tehran and the Museum of Fine Arts in Isfahan are of this type. Museum of Science and Natural History: exhibits scientific evidence-based work and tools and natural history that encompasses various plant species, especially animals. Isfahan Natural Museum and Mashhad Museum of Science and Natural History are of this type. Local or regional museums: represent and chart the culture of a particular region or neighborhood, displaying only the monuments of that area. Shush Museum, Persepolis Museum and Toos Museum in Khorasan are of this type. Moving museums: They are formed to promote cultural goals quickly and because of lack of facilities in deprived areas and cities. These museums display different cultures in different places. If you pay enough attention to these types of museums, they will be very effective. Museums Park: Because of their diverse scientific and cultural dimensions, recreational and educational attractions are of great importance, as they bring the natural and biological issues closer to the public. An important feature of these museums is that the public can enjoy them. Creating a museum park in Iran is unprecedented, but is common in countries such as China and North Korea. Cultural, national and historical sites such as the Ferdowsi tomb in Mashhad, the Attar and Khayyam tombs in Neyshabur can be a good place to do so. Military Museums: The historical process exposes all kinds of military and war weapons. These items include military clothing, martial arts, weapons, and other martial arts. Museums of Thoughts: To honor artists, writers, inventors, and community members, they usually emerge in their personal homes after their deaths and include personal belongings, works, and works. These museums are more common in European countries. Shakespeare's House is a well-known English author and American inventor of Edison of this kind. In Iran, too, the home of the great musician "Master Abolhassan Saba" has become a museum and contains paintings, compilations and personal belongings.


Today, ecotourism is a new phenomenon and trend in tourism. Iran is a country of very diverse nature, with mountains, lakes, caves, forests, animal and plant species, mineral springs and numerous islands in the south and beautiful beaches in the north. All this has made Iran a fascinating country for those who want to visit new, exciting and unforgettable attractions. The vast land of Iran, which comprises a large part of the Iranian plateau, has climatic conditions, diverse ecosystems, and beautiful landscapes, which is a unique opportunity for tourists interested in ecotourism and nature. What is most interesting is the temperature difference in the two regions that are so close together that they provide for people to ski in the Zagros Mountains and can reach the southern coast within an hour and then off the coast of the Persian Gulf. Swimming and water skiing. There are about 10,000 plant species in the country, 516 of which are wild birds, which is equal to the total number of species in Europe, which has attracted the attention of experts and environmentalists. These species include some rare species such as Siberian fish, hawks, eagles, pelicans, and some others. There are about 10,000 plant species and 516 species of wild birds in the country, roughly equal to the number of birds and plant species of all of Europe that are undoubtedly of interest to animal lovers. Mammals are of similar importance, including yellow deer, wild cheetah, Asian black bear, Persian tomb, and gazelle. The Persian Gulf is also home to the largest marine mammal, the Blue Whale.
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