Tourism Attractions in the world


Beautiful natural areas alongside exquisite human structures are the tourist attractions of many parts of the world. Below are 10 fascinating places in the world that attract thousands of tourists every year.



Submarine Restaurant, Ronaldo Island in Conrad Maldives

Eat your food at a depth of 5 meters above sea level on coral reefs. Aita's aquarium-style restaurant is the only glass-bottomed seafood restaurant where guests can enjoy a 360-degree view of underwater dining while eating. The food menu at the Ita restaurant, which in the local language means pearl, offers a mix of Maldives's native and western dishes that has created a new and exciting idea. Dining at this restaurant will be a unique experience because now the human being is in the tight fish



2- Hotel Grotta Palace Hotel in Italy

The restaurant overlooking the limestone cliffs overlooks the Adriatic Sea. The Gruta Palazzo Restaurant is located in Polinano, a place that is similar to nowhere else in the world. This is the place that has fascinated visitors for centuries.



3- The gardens of the Marquis Palace in France

The main attraction of the city of Vozac in the state of Vozac in France is the Marquis Palace and its gardens. Sculptural landscapes around the palace were created in the late 17th century. Above a beautiful valley, at the height of 200 meters, thousands of swordfish are planted. These plants outline the geometry of the gardens and fences around the path, along these meandering paths and several lounges, stone huts and places to watch. Since 1996 these gardens have been open to the public after some repairs.



4. Ice Aquarium in Ksenoma, Japan

The frozen aquarium, or "Cori Noi Soo Zhu Kokan" in the city of Kesonama in northeastern Japan, holds 450 different species of marine creatures. The aquarium is decorated with large ice pillars and blue lights.



5. Waterfall Restaurant, Villa Scudero in the Philippines

In this restaurant, food is served on bamboo wood tables and not far from the crystalline waters that descend from the waterfall. Experience delicious local food while splashes of water and a sprinkling of water beneath your feet is a memorable experience you'll find only at this restaurant.



6. Snow hotel in the Arctic

Thousands of years ago humans were wandering around in the Arctic, and from that time on they knew that the Latvian lake route was the best route in the region. These people left a mark for us to remember this place, and it's a reindeer used to decorate the Stone Age boats. The Arctic Snow Hotel is built right where the ancient travelers used to travel.



7- Walking path in Fuji Kawachi Garden in Japan

This muddy hiking trail is known as the Wisteria Tunnel and is located in Fuji Baghkavachi. Walking along this route will be very enjoyable and enjoyable.



8. The Devil's Swimming Pool. Victoria Falls in Africa

If you are traveling to Zimbabwe, do not miss the chance to swim in the pool. The Devil's Swimming Pool is a small wetland surrounded by small and large cliffs and is on top of one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Situated 103 meters high on Livingston Island, it is certainly one of the coolest places in the world.




9. Wanderland Calcar in Germany

Welcome to Wonderland Calcar in West Germany. Here is a nuclear reactor for power generation that has never been used and has become a theme park. The amusement park attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.



10. Eskimo village in the woods in Finland

These Eskimo glass huts shine at night and create a beautiful view. From each of these huts you can see the beautiful snowy views of the surrounding area and if you are lucky you can also see the Aurora, if not the beauty of the millions of stars that glow in the night sky. These jars do not freeze even in the cold and stay clear all the time.



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